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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNNW  April 11, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. the second we let our guard down, it comes roaring back. >> we're not even halfway through our vaccination program, so now is not the time to change course. >> vaccine requirements are becoming part of the new normal. we will soon start hosting those lawmakers here at the white house to talk about his massive $2.25 trillion infrastructure and jobs proposal. we would be willing to pay higher taxes to fund a strong infrastructure plan. >> 20% of it is infrastructure,
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and that's using a generous definition. the palace has been asking people not to come here and pay their respects. they won't be able to watch it on tv. >> we are as a family, deeply grateful. >> look who's here this early in the morning. boris sanchez. it is good to see you. it is so good to have you in the morning family. welcome. >> good morning, christi, thank you so much, i'm boris sanchez. i know i have big shoes to fill. i look forward to making memories with you too. >> you know we will. we are so grateful to have you. thank you. >> and he, you know, got that morning really really early morning call in. if that alarm goes off, it's
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brutal for a minute. we have to do what we have to do because we have lot to talk about today. for our viewers, thank you so much for being with us. i want to talk to you about the record day in the race to get america vaccinated. the u.s. gave more than 4 million shots yesterday. now, right now we know at least 21% of the united states is fully vaccinated. >> yeah, the white house says additional vaccinators are going to be headed to michigan. that state seeing an alarming surge in infections. right now, michigan has the second highest number of u.k. variant cases in the united states. >> yeah, the biden administration says all adults are going to be eligible to get a shot next week, but there will be a shortage in supply of one vaccine. >> cnn analysis found that allocations of the johnson & johnson vaccine are going to drop by 84% despite recent setbacks with that shot. the white house says they are not concerned. let's start this morning with cnn's evan mcmorris santoro.
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evan, michigan reported 7,000 new cases yesterday, what steps are they taking to slow the spread? >> first, our congratulations on the new job. nice to see you here early in the morning with everybody, and christi as well, always good to see you guys. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: when it comes to michigan, michigan is a place that's seeing a very very large surge of virus, and they're asking for help from the white house. it's part of this overall story this weekend in america of some good news on vaccines and some bad news when it comes to the virus still spreading. a record high, 4.6 million covid-19 doses reported administered in the u.s. in one day on saturday. the previous record was just over 4 million, last saturday. in michigan, governor gretchen whitmer has been pleading for more federal government assistance including more vaccine doses. 160 additional fema vaccinators are on their way to michigan as
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the state grapples with a rise in covid-19 cases. a senior biden administration official told cnn. meanwhile, some michigan hospitals are delaying and rescheduling nonemergency procedures as a last resort amid that virus surge. the michigan health and hospital association says. as more transmissible variants spread across the u.s., emergency rooms are seeing an up tick in cases among younger adults, many of whom who have not been vaccinated. the fda is considering pfizer's request to expand its vaccine. >> the b.1.1.7 variant is affecting teenagers. the data looks really good. >> the fda is aware of reports of blood clots in some individuals who received the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. the agency told cnn in a statement on saturday. the agency said the data will
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inform whether or not regulatory action is needed. >> what's important is has that increase from the baseline compared to what we're administering for the johnson & johnson vaccine, right now, the benefits certainly outweigh the risks but more information will hopefully come out to the general public. >> reporter: the vaccine developed by johnson & johnson sub seco subs subsidia subs subsidiary. >> the fda, and cdc are looking into the situation, what are we seeing, are these consistent with side effects we normally see after vaccination. as we look at blood clots in the united states, we have about 300 to 600,000 americans that develop blood clots every year. we're going to see that. >> reporter: the first u.s. military branch disclosed service wide numbers on acceptance. 40% of u.s. marines are declining covid-19 vaccinations. according to data provided to cnn, on friday by the service.
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>> the declination rate in the military, the ill advised anti-vacc movement is driving this. it says as much about our society as the military. >> a lot of headlines about covid on these early mornings when we usually talk. the basic deal is this. experts say keep wearing your mask, stay socially distanlt, and despite the anti-vacc warnings, get the shot. that's the best way to get this pandemic over with. >> evan mcmorris san totoro w w appreciate you. >> let's talk to rob david, executive director for the committee to protect medicare. always good to have you with us. listen, i want to talk to you
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specifically about michigan since that is where you are and you can give us a unique perspective there. we know that there were nearly 7,000 new cases in michigan yesterday. and a senior administration official told cnn yesterday that there are 160 fema vaccinators who are on the way to your state to try to help. do you expect that the impact of that move is going to thwart a surge. >> i think we're in a surge, certainly, a surge of cases, i know in our hospital system. our case positive rate is nearly 20%, that's as high as it's ever been, even in the fall, and we're seeing hospitalizations already following that friend. in a couple of week's time, we're kquadruple inpatients in our hospital system. i think it will have an impact. we need to get more shots in arms, and having more people do that will allow them to open up more sites, more appointments for people to get the vaccine. unfortunately we're not going to see the impact of that for three
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or four weeks, and so, you know, this surge that we're seeing may have peaked, hopefully will have peaked in cases by then. hopefully we can fend off the next surge, but yeah, that seems to be with pandemic fatigue, with the unique challenge here in michigan of a very sort of anti-coronavirus movement with half of our population, with people who don't want to wear masks, don't want to distance, getting vaccine shots in our arms is the ultimate defense. >> an article this morning said by friday, michigan had administered its 5000000th vaccine and two dozen hospitals are at 90% capacity. there was a nurse that described bone deep weariness amongst the staff. help us understand the reality in your e.r. right now. >> the reality in the e.r. and i think this translates more to the inpatient units and the icus. the e.r., we have these folks
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for three, four years, and they are spending days and weeks in the inpatient side. i agree there's a level of frustration and woeariness. i think the mood is different than it was certainly in the summer and again in the fall because we know we have had 5 million vaccine doses. we have 160 more vaccinators coming. we know there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel. we know our doctors out in the community itself are talking to their patients, convincing them to get the vaccine, and so there's a sense that, you know, we have to weather this. this is why we're here. we're here to take care of our community. that's what we're doing. >> so there's a new report this morning as well that there are 37 doctors and one hospital in india who are fully vaccinated who have tested positive for covid, and they're being treated as well. this of course is after we heard reports that there are similar situations in the u.s., though on a much smaller scale. there are some people who had
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been fully vaccinated and have died. but they were in a high risk group. the clarity here, i want to make sure we understand, is that people are becoming sick still from covid, not from the vaccine, if i understand that correctly. please give me a correct gauge on that, and what is the reality of vaccination, the effect of it. >> right. so we know from the original studies, and this was wborn out over the ensuing six months with the first two vaccines that came online was that 95% effectiveness doesn't mean 100% effective just from testing positive. 100% in our system at least and in the original trials haven't been hospitalized, haven't died with the moderna or pfizer. we have seen a few dozen in our system staff who have been fully vaccinated who have tested positive. all of them were minimally
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symptomatic or asymptomatic, none were sick or had to be hospitalized or had any concerns. the vaccine protects you from getting extremely sick. until we have community-wide vaccination, 70 to 80% herd immunity, we have to do measures like wearing masks and d distancing because you can still catch the virus. >> thank you to the work you do to your team and your staffs at the hospitals. thanks again. >> thanks. >> we get our first clues tomorrow of what the future holds for president biden's next top priority, jobs and infrastructure. congress returns to work in washington and one of the first things on the schedule is a meeting between a bipartisan group of lawmakers and the white house. >> cnn's daniela diaz is on capitol hill. i know there's a lot at stake tomorrow, and this week for the biden agenda.
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give us a look at what's going on. >> reporter: now that pbiden ha laid out what he wants to see in this infrastructure package, it's now up to congress to figure out what they can actually pass through these two chambers. look, there's already warning signs that biden will not be able to get everything he wants in this package. he's dealing with two factions of his own party. moderate democrats want to see a smaller price tag. they don't want to see as big as $2 billion, and progressive democrats want it to be more. they want more in the package. they want more done for climate change. this is going to be tricky for senate majority leader chuck schumer. he needs all 50 democrats to support this legislation, especially if they plan to pass this using budget reconciliation which means they only need 51 votes in the senate to pass this.
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they can't afford to close a single vote. all eyes are on joe manchin because he has said that this legislation cannot pass in its current form because the corporate tax hike is too high, which is designed to offset the $2 trillion package that biden wants to pass. he has said that moderate democrats agree with him on this. i haven't mentioned that house speaker nancy pelosi is navigating a slim majority in the house with democrats. she won't be able to afford to lose many votes in the house when this is taken up for a vote, whatever legislation is put to a vote by july 4th, which is the deadline she has set. biden is going to have to navigate these relationships. we're going to get a preview to that tomorrow, when he meets with a group of lawmakers to support the legislation he wants passed through congress. boris and christi. >> all eyes will be focused on that meeting. daniela diaz reporting from the
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capitol. thank you so much. let's success infrastructure and more, laura lopez, a white house reporter for politico. thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us. on infrastructure, president biden preparing to meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers tomorrow. one of them likely senator bernie sanders. he had this quote in the "washington post" this morning. quote. asked how much time should be spent talking with republicans, senator sanders was blunt, if they're not serious, it should be no time. if they are serious, we have some time. we will have a sense very shortly whether republicans are serious. help us set the table. what are the realistic expectations coming out from both sides at this meeting? >> reporter: realistically, there are little indications that republicans are going to support this bill, even if there
3:15 am
are changes made. we know that democrats themselves, like joe manchin, but a number of other democrats in the senate and house want to see changes to this big package, but realistically, this package is going to move through reconciliation where it will only require a simple majority of democrats to pass it through the chamber. that's what chuck schumer, the majority leader has been focusing on, and that is most likely where this is headed, given how big it is, and given the fact that republicans to date have shown very little signals that they want to actually meet democrats halfway. >> yeah, one of the dividing lines here between lawmakers is exactly what the white house means when it says infrastructure. here's what the president said when he was asked about that this week. >> so i'm prepared to work, i really am. but to automatically say that the only that's infrastructure is a highway, a bridge or
3:16 am
whatever, that's just not rational. it really isn't. >> his administration has been making the case for a broad sweeping bill with tweets like this, investing in our work force is investing in our infrastructure. that's from labor secretary marty walsh. they have tweeted about high speed internet, broad band, a reliable electrical grid, et cetera. the argument from across the aisle is that the definition of infrastructure in this plan is simply too broad, things like incentives for electric cars and raising pay for home care workers. how big of a challenge is selling this definition of infrastructure going to be for the administration? >> it's going to be a big one, boris, because as i was talking to a number of democrats over this past week, one thing that one house democrat told me was that democrats have to get out ahead of republicans in terms of messaging, that republicans in the past have been very effective at arguing that when
3:17 am
democrats go for massive bills that require a lot of spending, that republicans will try to argue that it will increase taxes on every day americans. now, what this bill does is increase taxes on corporation. wealthy americans. and biden's speech in pittsburgh this past week he said that he would not raise taxes on any americans making less than $400,000 a year. so house democrats are very aware of the dangers heading into the '22 midterms and are trying to really talk about this package as you said, not just traditional infrastructure, not just bridges, not just roads, but also that this is about jobs, and that they are trying to help build back the economy after the pandemic. that's a big piece. you hear president biden as well as his officials repeatedly say that this is just as much of a jobs plan as a traditional infrastructure plan. >> they may have their work cut
3:18 am
out for them when it comes to public perception, case in point, and analysis of recent polling from my colleague harry enten suggesting that americans don't really see infrastructure as a priority. a pew research center pole in january found 32% of people thought that improving the country's roads, bridges and public transportation systems should be a top priority. there's other polling out there that indicates a similar sentiment. despite that, things like the economy, jobs, climate, are rating higher as issues that people want to focus on. do you get any sense from folks at the white house that maybe they should focus exclusively on other issues or more pressing ones like the influx of migrants at the border or voting rights? >> this package is so front and center for the white house right now. it's what they're really focusing on instead of some of the other issues, at least in terms of what they're talking about the most from the podium,
3:19 am
what the president is focusing the majority of his time on. he's delegating to vice president kamala harris, and dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas the situation at the border while he focuses on the response to the pandemic. the white house very much considers this package a piece of that big response to. but still, as you mentioned, boris, this is an up hill climb for him heading to the midterms. as history notes, the first midterm in a president's first term tends to favor the opposition party, and so republicans definitely have the advantage in terms of trying to win back the house as well as the senate heading into 2022. >> and that's some of the urgency that we've heard from some democrats like senator bernie sanders and others. laura, i have dozens of questions for you. unfortunately we're out of time, and we have to long beach it there. thank you so much for the time.
3:20 am
>> thank you. a quick programming note, you'll hear about biden's infrastructure plan from pete buttigieg, on today's state of the union, with dana bash and jake tapper at 9 eastern. two police officers and an army lieutenant, the lieutenant was in uniform and pepper sprayed at a traffic stop. now he's suing the department. hear why he got pulled over, next. and later we're learning more about funeral and burial arrangements for prince philip. find out whether prince harry and meghan will attend now. what a ride! i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq-100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein,
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new projects means new project managers. talk to your doctor you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at 24 minutes past the hour. i want to tell you about an army lieutenant who's suing two police officers in virginia after a traffic stop that happened this september. the officers reportedly believed the vehicle was missing a license plate. they were mistaken we know now. >> now in troubling body camera
3:25 am
footage, we see those officers pointing their guns at the driver, repeatedly pepper spraying him and pushing him to the ground. cnn's natasha chen has more. >> reporter: you're about to see video from three angles, from the body cameras worn by two windsor, virginia, police officers and from the personal cell phone of a man they pulled over. a man who happens to be black and latino, as well as a lieutenant in the u.s. army. a warning, some of this may be difficult to watch. cara nazario is suing the two officers involved. 6:30 p.m., december 5th, 2020, lieutenant driving through the small town of wind ysor, virgin, saw flashing lights in his rear view mirror. according to his lawsuit, he slowed down, putting his blinker on indicating his intention to
3:26 am
pull over but didn't do so for a minute and 40 seconds, which was to find a well lit area. hearing the commands sitting in his car, he began recording from his own cell phone and put his hands out the window. officer crocker had not seen the temporary license plate taped to the back window of the chevrolet tahoe, and seeing tinted windows, crocker decided it was a high risk traffic stop. but this was never explained to nazario who for several minutes continued to ask why he was pulled over. >> what's going on? >> how many occupants are in your vehicle? why is your weapons drawn, what's going on? >> get out of the car now. >> i'm serving this country, and this is how i'm treated. >> i'm a veteran, too. i learn to obey. get out of the car. >> reporter: body camera footage shows officer joe gutierrez, unfastening his velcro around.
3:27 am
>> he thought ride the lightning meant he could be killed. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be. >> i have not committed any crimes. >> you're being stopped for a traffic violation. you're not stopping at this point right now. you're being detained. >> for a traffic violation? i do not have to get out of the vehicle. you haven't even told me why i'm being stopped. >> two to three minutes in, officer crocker tried to open the driver's door. he wrote when i attempted to unlock and open the door, the driver assaulted myself by striking my hand away and pulled away from officers gutierrez's grip. but in his own body camera footage, nazario is not seen striking anyone. crocker's report says gutierrez gave several commands to comply with orders or he would be s sprayed with his oc spray. gutierrez sprayed nazario without either officer having told him what he's pulled over.
3:28 am
>> that's, i don't want to reach my seat belt. >> take your seat belt off and get out of the car. you made this way more difficult than it had to be. get on the ground. >> can you please talk to me about what's going on. can you please talk to me about what's going on. why am i being treated like this? why? >> because you're not cooperating. >> get on the ground or you're going to get tased. >> the officers handcuffed nazario, and stood him back up. he told them his dog was in the backseat, and was choking from the pepper spray. medics arrived and the conversation mellowed. nazario explained why he didn't immediately pull over. >> i was pulling over to a well lit area for my safety and yours. i have respect for law enforcement. >> gutierrez said that wasn't the problem. >> the race relations between minorities and law enforcement, i get it, like i told you, as far as you not stopping, you weren't comfortable and you wanted a well lit spot, lu
3:29 am
lieutenant that happens all the time. it happens to me a lot. i would say 80% of the time. not always, 80% of the time, it's a minority. >> the officers couldn't understand why nazario didn't get out of the car as instructed, he said he didn't know why he was being stopped. >> i have never looked out the window and saw a gun blazing immediately. >> reporter: gutierrez eventually told nazario that he had a conversation with the chief of police and was giving him the option to let this all go. >> there's no need to have this on your record. i don't want it on your record. it's entirely up to you. if you want to fight and argue, and i don't mean any respect, you have that right as a citizen, if that's what you want, we'll charge you. it doesn't change my live either way. >> reporter: all three of their lives will change after video of the incident has been shared online. cnn has not been able to reach officers crocker and gutierrez.
3:30 am
it's unclear if they have legal representation for this lawsuit. cnn has reached out to windsor police and town leaders and we have not yet heard back. christi and boris back to you. >> natasha chen, thank you so much for that. stay with us, we are getting some information now about prince philip's funeral. details on that who who will be there next. and make life a little easier. cvs carepass... it's my savings secret. love. carepass members get 20% off cvs health brand products. whoaa! did you use all the band-aids? members also get free same-day rx delivery. oh cool. plus, a $10 monthly promo reward to spend on anything... even nail polish? ...all for $5/month. thanks for sharing! join carepass today and get a $10 monthly reward as a thank you. cvs. healthier made easier. out here, you're more than just a landowner. and get a $10 monthly reward as a thank you. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter.
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bounce forward, with comcast business. prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, and late husband of queen elizabeth is set to be laid to rest next saturday, april 17th. >> in line with the duke's wishes and covid restrictions, the funeral is going to be scaled back to 30 people allowed to attend. anna, good to see you again this
3:35 am
morning. talk to us about what you have learned about funeral plans and who will be in attendance. >> good morning, christi. it's going to be a really unusual funeral in a way because although the whole world will watch, it will feel like a very intimate private ceremony. only 30 people will be able to attend the funeral itself, including her majesty the queen. we're expecting all of the duke of edinburgh's children and grandchildren to attend, of course that includes prince harry who will have to return from california, and unless he's granted some sort of exception, he's going to have to self-isolate for five full days following the date of travel, so one would imagine he'll have to return rather soon. his wife, megan, the duchess of sussex not joining him on this trip, she's heavily pregnant and has been advised not to. the funeral will be an intimate affair for the family, and that will be incredibly special to them. prince charles gave a really touching tribute to his father yesterday, take a listen.
3:36 am
>> my dear papa was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction of the touching things that have been said about him, and from that point of view, we are, my family, deeply grateful, for all that. it will sustain us in this particular loss and at this particularly sad time. >> and the tributes just keeping pouring in from all around the world. a remembrance service was held by the arch bishop of cantebury today, and services and churches all over the country remembering prince philip in their prayers. guys. >> a difficult time for the royal family. anna stewart reporting from windsor, thank you so much. coming up, the on air commentary from fox news host tucker carlson that has the anti defamation league demanding he be fired. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different.
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the antidefamation league is calling on fox news to fire tucker carlson for pushing a racist conspiracy theory used by white supremacists, it's called replacement theory. >> a con cecept that falsely cls that democrats in the context of white supremacy, jewish people are intentionally replacing white americans with immigrants with the express purpose in
3:42 am
tucker's words of quote diluting american voters. listen to part of what he said. >> in a democracy, one person equals one vote, if you change the population you dilute the political power of the people who live there. every time they import a new voter, i become disenfranchised as a current voter. i don't understand what you don't understand. everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. the white replacement theory, no, this is a voting rights question. >> here with us is cnn chief media correspondent brian stelter. tucker carlson did not mention jewish people when he was giving this diatribe, word for word what he is espousing is a central tenet of white supremacist groups. this isn't the first time he has been accused of racist remarks. instead of punishing him, fox news has been elevating him. >> promoting him time again. he is the highest rated host on
3:43 am
fox news, increasingly the face of fox news. this is revealing not just about tucker, but about the company. and about the murdochs and what they are willing to either tolerate or what they are willing to embrace. carlson is speaking to white resentment, white christian america's resentment in some cases of immigrants, increasingly multicultural america, and he's doing it in really explicit terms while couching in a voting rights argument. he's saying -- he literally said on fox, i'm not talking about replacement theory while he explained it word for word what replacement theory is. this has been in the fringes. you could find this sort of stuff in the far fringe white supremacist internet. it's been out there for years. it has also shown up in the manifestos of mass killers, including the man who attacked
3:44 am
the walmart in el paso in 2019. this has a sick, sad history, but it's being mainstreamed by someone like carlson, when he's on fox talking to millions of v viewers. fox's audience, white older folks, their votes are being replace replaced by new arrivals to america. the story of america is more people coming into the proverbial melting pot. that's what makes america exceptional. for carlson, that is something to fear, something to resent, so the adl did send out this letter, calling on fox news to take action. that was on friday, now it's sunday morning. no response from fox news. the adl said it sent this letter because of a pattern, a track record by carlson. as you said, years of comments in carlson's past. i do not expect fox news is going to do a single thing about this but i do have the head of the adl, jonathan greenblack
3:45 am
joining me on reliable sources this morning. >> don't you think at some point fox will be forced to publicly deal with it. how much pressure would it take to hear from them? >> right. at some point you're lullabsolu right, an investor conference or interview, one of the murdochs will be asked about their tucker carlson response. their response from the murdochs is something like this, we oppose cancel culture, we're not the speech police. he's entitled to their own opinion. they never try to defend what carlson is saying or other congr commentators, they claim they are above it all, and they don't want to cancel anyone. so unfortunately, they don't deal with the substance of the arguments, but hey, that's what we're here for. >> we're looking forward to your show again this morning as we always do. brian stelter, thank you so
3:46 am
much. you're going to see him later this morning on "reliable source." it's at 1:00 a.m. and it is sunday at the masters. few players shot up the leader board, others, not so much, and yeah, we're talking literally. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at
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when asthma symptoms strike, airways narrow. and there's less breathing room. primatene mist opens airways quickly. get the #1 fda approved over-the-counter asthma inhaler. a fancy green jacket is on the line today at the masters, and there's a chance this one could be especially historic. >> coy wire, he's in augusta national this morning. hard to, you know, deal with that 75 degrees and sunshine, isn't it, coy. don't know how you do it. >> tough assignment. >> reporter: it really is good to see you, christi, and boris. i don't know if we can pull off the green jacket but it looks sweet to the winners.
3:51 am
there was an hour plus rain delay but it was that hideki pulled forward. shooting a stunning 65 to finish at eleven under, taking a four-shot lead. what did he do during the rain delay, went to his car, played games on his phone. the 25-year-old has five pga t tour wins. he would become the first japanese man to win one of golf's majors. the first masters he watched, he was 5 years old in japan when tiger won for the first time in 1997 and that helped inspire him to play here one day too. there are just a handful of guys within striking distance of matsuyama, jordan spieth, the only one with a green jacket but every one of them believes they have a shot. >> you know, what can happen. i've had bad rounds here myself, and i have had good rounds. you can make up four shots
3:52 am
fairly quickly, but you have to do a lot of things right to do that. >> to have a shot tomorrow, i'm delighted. i have the freedom to take a run at it, and you know, of course i would love to kind of stay with it just a little bit better. >> i have wanted to be here my entire career, and i'm not going to shy away from it. i have wanted to do this, i have wanted to put on a green jacket my entire career, and i've got a good opportunity to do it, so let's go do it. >> some golfers climbed yesterday, others slimmed. billy horschel taking that literally, no socks, no shoes, and he slips on the slope at 13, that's going to leave a mark. the good sport laughed it off. christi, boris, that's more what we mere mortals look like on a golf course, stuff like that. kicking off later this morning, it will be a fun push to see who wins that green jacket. >> for a second, i thought that was footage of me just slipping and falling everywhere, maybe for different reasons. coy, thank you so much. stay with us, we'll be right
3:53 am
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so as we all watch the trial of derek chauvin, there's a new cnn original series spotlighting another case of racial violence. >> the people versus the clan tells the story of michael donald, a 19-year-old killed by kkk members in 1981. and his mom, beulah may, who risked her life fighting for justice. adrian adrian brodas has a look at that tragic case. >> that morning, one of my
3:58 am
cousins called and said, they believe it's michael. >> if the campaigns say their names existed in 1981. >> i was just numb. i couldn't believe that this was happening. >> reporter: michael donald's name would have been included. donald is considered by some to be the last documented person lynched by the ku klux klan in the united states. >> testifying for the prosecution, james tiger knolls pointed at his fellow cku klux klansman, henry hayes, and said together they killed michael mcdonald in march, 1981, because he was black. >> donald was 19. michael's mother, beulah may donald didn't want revenge, but justice. >> that was my baby, and nothing they do can bring him back. >> reporter: beulah may held an open casket funeral for her son. she said she was inspired by the mother of emmett till, he grew up in a chicago home, he too was
3:59 am
lynched. >> i didn't want it to happen to nobody else's child like it has mine. you don't know the agony until you go through it. >> henry hayes is the clansman charged with killing michael donald, and hanging his body from a tree 2 1/2 years ago. >> the two men accused were charged and convicted. knolls received a life sentence. hayes was executed. but that was only the beginning of a path toward justice. and so she brought a civil suit against the klan in alabama. this was an opportunity to take down one of the longest standing white supremacist domestic terrorist organizations that existed in the nation. do you believe in your struggle to the point where you would
4:00 am
liter literally lose your life? >> she had every reason to be afraid. >> reporter: fear didn't stop her, beulah may and other black leaders in the country took on the men that killed her son, and the terrorist organizations that fueled their hate. >> this is a must watch, the all new cnn original series, the people versus the klan, premiering tonight in back-to-back episodes at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the second we let our guard down, it comes roaring back. >> we're not even halfway through our vaccination program. so now is not the time to change course. >> vaccine requirements are becoming part of the new normal. >> they would say that it was everything but derek chauvin's knee on his neck that killed him. >> he went frame by frame and showed us when the life was actually sucked out of georg


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